GM Pharmacy is the easiest best pharmacy I have used. The people are extremely pleasant & helped me 'fix' an issue I had with the amounts & confirmation with my physician. Simply--makes getting y prescription a breeze!!!! Thanks for everything!

Stephen N.

I am very pleased with Their expectation about delivery time is always straight forward and I have been receiving my meds in good condition. I even have been receiving a call from the pharmacy to let me know that my meds have been filled and shipped, and to see if I have any questions about the meds. This is a reputable, professional online pharmacy, I recommend them to my friends and family!


The friendly customer service was top notch. I have been telling so many people about your pharmacy because of the pricing and the friendly and courteous staff. I am in the US, but I plan to have your pharmacy fill as many of my prescriptions as possible. Thank you!

Connie D.

I have been ordering from this site for at least ten years. They are reliable, reasonably priced and quick answering any questions. I have referred three friends to Northwest and they are very pleased with the prices and products. I have literally saved thousands of dollars over the years and I would recommend Northwest Pharmacy to anyone.

Laura M.

Ravix Pharmacy delivers a great shopping experience at an exceptionally good price! I was able to obtain the medication that I needed from Ravix Pharmacy at a fraction of the price that I would have to pay in the U.S.A, and the service was excellent!

Dr. Phil D.

The ease of ordering a prescription is amazing and the savings over domestic pricing is even more amazing---truly a very positive experience and financial blessing!

Bill M.

It took a long time to receive the meds, but that's to be expected. It would be nice to be able to use a credit card, but having an account on file works fine too.

Bob J.

My only complaint is the time it took to get my Drugs. I understand about COVID etc but waiting six weeks is hard to take. The box was in Chicago (customs) for over a week. I might have to look for another source.

Anonymous Customer

Absolutely outstanding products, price and customer service. Overall experience is wonderful, I have been purchasing from them for 6 years now.